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 Videogame/Regular Game Ideas

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PostSubject: Videogame/Regular Game Ideas   Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:43 am

Constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to post your videogame/regular game ideas. In this first post, are my works in progress which will probably be swept under the rug for years to come. xD

Card Chess
This game uses regular cards such as Ace, Two etc... The Card’s rank (number) determines the Unit Card’s healthpoints and the amount of healthpoints replenished using a Life Card. The rank of a Magic Card merely determines the different properties in a combat spell while Enhancement Cards are used to determine the strength of a Magic Card or a Unit Card. Once used, a Life Card is put into a separate pile before reintegrating into the regular deck. Units Cards can be combined/detracted to form another specific Unit, depending on the resulting number added up from the two Cards used in the transformation. The same concept is applied towards all the other types of Cards. A maximum of four players can play at the same time. The game is played on a screen, with randomized 100 by 100 square landmaps. The object of the game is world domination through eliminating your opponents or having the most resources at the end of the game. I have a basic table of Enhancement/Magic/Unit/Life Cards but I don't think I can post it without rewriting the whole thing.

Zombie Videogame (Still working on the storyline)

 Creepy, dark, damp, fall, winter, losing sanity, dimly lit hallways/alleyways, cut telephone lines
 Footsteps, groans and a mostly quiet environment

 An outbreak occurs on a prison island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, all the prisoners there have been experimented on. A particular prisoner hallucinates and drowns himself trying to escape.
 The body floats along a strong current towards the open sea and slowly starts sinking. A shark circles the body dramatically and takes a bite into it before dropping it into the depths of the ocean where a school of fish breath in the infected body’s blood as it spreads through the area.
 The Shark eventually starts seeking human blood as it is the last thing it smells before being overtaken completely by the virus, which may or may not be shown in microscopic motion.
 It attacks multiple people swimming in a beach at the start of summer
 The attack is all over the news
 By fall, there are more and more reports of cannibal attacks
 Starts out slow, play through a normal day before zombies settle in
 Overview of City, News of Infection, Army and Police arranging to defend the Canadian borders/streets and evacuation

 The virus targets the brain and makes people focus on the need to feed. They start looking for the most recent and in bulk thing they’ve been in contact with, which is blood.
 The shark alters the original function of the virus to specifically affect the part of the brain that controls the memory and food preferences of a person.
 The virus is bloodborn and eventually attaches itself to the Frontal lobe, affecting the memory and food preferences of the person infected

Character Intros:
The Hacker/English Teacher, its night time and this particular teacher is staying up late at the school to finish work, he has worked there for two years, starts out with the unique item ‘laptop’ and a set of ‘high school door keys’
The Janitor/The Killer, his past as a murderer surfaces throughout the game, he only targets adults because of his bad experience with authority figures in general, he has a night shift the same day the teacher decides to stay longer and works at the same high school the teacher does, starts out with a set of ‘high school door keys’ and janitorial equipment
The Police Officer, its night time and the police station is quiet until calls suddenly start coming in about cannibals roaming the streets, starts out with a 9MM pistol, keys to a police car and Kevlar vest
The Engineer starts out with the knowledge of lock picking/how buildings and other establishments work, a swiss army knife and a screw driver
The Lieutenant-Captain, in the beginning he is tasked with containing an outbreak but backs out as he sees the futility in trying, starts with a posse of people and mandatory guns and equipment, but is trapped in a death trap city
The Boy, a freshman in high school, he’s light on his feet and can fit in where other people can’t, starts out with a backpack and school supplies, he is locked inside a locker with his mouth, arms and legs subdued by tape, The Janitor can choose to free him
The Doctor, he was treating a patient before the zombies started rising at his hospital
The Lab-Technician, apprentice to the head researcher at the military’s biological and chemical research branch.
The Accountant,
The Pilot, a commercial pilot who runs out of gas piloting a helicopter.
The Priest,
The Businessman,
The Mafioso, in what is left of Chicago, he and his men struggle to survive by holing up in the mansion, soon, they’ll have to venture out when the zombies start pouring in or when they run out of food, starts out with a submachine gun, Kevlar vest and followers. There’s a Hummer in the garage.
The Gangster,
The Navy Seal, after coming home from a mission, finds himself in the middle of a death trap city, starts out with a backpack, appropriate equipment and guns
The Avatar, has different back stories and different sets of equipment.

 Everyone dies at the end
 Zombie Survival Horror/Interactive Drama/Strategy game
 May choose a premade character or create one with a certain background
 Max online co-op of four players, if another player backs out, the character becomes an AI
 Different characters start out in different cities or they all start in the same city
 Decisions you make affect the storyline and your alignment
 Once the characters have safely completed their intros and are out of the first place they start in, the game switches into real time
 If you don’t choose a certain premade character, they are located somewhere around the city for you to interact with and you can choose to travel with them
 Changing difficulty according to time, location, climate and gameplay options
 Expansive state maps in an alternate earth or current earth
 How much you can carry depends on your body size and muscle mass, the amount has to be realistic
 How much you’re carrying affects movements, backpacks give you extra space and better movement than simply carrying items
 Death trap cities, if in a death trap city, players can choose to move along in the sewers
 Relatively realistic survival methods and environments which include finding food, eating, sleeping, finding a safe home base, hotwiring cars or having keys, puzzles and interactive investigations
 Climate, when it’s raining or snowing the water level rises in the sewers etc..
 Food doesn’t have to be too varied
 A button gives hints on what people can do in a situation
 Sometimes buildings will be locked, either smash the window using weapons and risk attracting zombies or remove the windows/bars using tools or unbolt screws on a vent (only a small child of a certain size and body weight will be to fit through the vents) or get keys
 The more sound a character makes, the more zombies they attract
 Radio signals within certain distances can be picked up if your character has a car
 Cheats

 ObsCure
 Parasite Eve
 Ico
 Condemned: Criminal Origins
 Fatal Frame
 Heavy Rain
 Forbidden Siren
 The Suffering
 Resident Evil: 2
 Fallout 3
 Grand Theft Auto

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Videogame/Regular Game Ideas
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